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    “WAPITI” Allen’s first sculpture at age 11.

    The “Royal” Bugling Elk always had a mystic & dreamlike appeal to Allen. Something about the thought of finding a trophy bull bugling up on a ridge on a foggy morning captured Allen’s imagination & inspired him to draw this scene when ever he had a chance. As a boy in school this was a favorite doodle of his.

    As Allen watched his dad model heads that were to be mounted the next day, he would use the clay his dad was not using to make miniature sculptures of his own. Of course they were just for fun & would be recycled for another project.

    With the practice he was getting and the years of watching his dad sculpt Allen, at 11 years old, gained the confidence to try his hand at a real sculpture. 
    Naturally the first thing he thought to sculpt was the “Royal” Bugling Elk that he’d been drawing & dreaming of.

    Allen gathered up some left over wax from his fathers previous sculptures & began sculpting the scene that he saw in his mind. 
    Allen’s father David & grandfather were very pleased with his work. David suggested that they cast the piece themselves. 
    So there it is Allen made his first sculpture and with his dad’s help had cast it too.

    With encouragement from his mother Allen entered the project into the homemaking decision at the local livestock show & was blessed to receive grand champion for the piece.

    Allen is very thankful to God for the opportunities & achievements he has had through sculpting.

    Over the years Allen has sold most of his other pieces & only has photographs to remember them by.

    This piece though sits in his home to this day to remind him where it all began.


      Limit of 1



      13"L x 9"W x 10"H


      Due to the artistry & custom work there are no return or exchanges unless otherwise noted by David or Allen Hibler.

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