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    Rising Covey is a masterpiece that freezes a moment in time that is familiar to quail hunters and nature enthusiasts alike. The “Quail Flush” is the Bobwhite Quail’s main defense mechanism. At the slightest notion of danger the covey will explode off the ground and scatter to the nearest refuges of cover. This piece depicts the iconic “Covey Rise” that is integral to the quail hunters experience. These beautiful creatures have such a well designed camouflage that they are nearly invisible  in their natural habitat. Often times, as a result of their ability to blend, it is only by their instinctual defense mechanism that they make their presence known to humans. Each individual quail on this piece has its own characteristics and personality. One can almost see the wind moving over and under their wings and hear the rapid beating of air coming from the frantic flight. If the covey rise is something that moves you then enshrine that moment by making “Rising Covey” a part of your collection and relive the thrill of busting a covey every time you look at this piece.

      Limit of 25



      28"L x 32"W x 27"H



      Due to the artistry & custom work there are no return or exchanges unless otherwise noted by David or Allen Hibler.

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