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    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” Picky Paisano embodies this proverb with the clever composition of a Road Runner (Paisano), Diamondback Rattlesnake and Horned Toad. Looking at the front of the piece the casual viewer will see a Rattlesnake clenched in the beak of a Road Runner. The snake is squirming to break free while the Paisano is standing tall and proud, boasting to the world of it’s latest prey. In the mean time the highly observant viewer might spy some little toes curled around the edge of the prickly pear cactus. These toes belong to the precocious Horned Toad that is on the reverse side of the cactus. The little Horned Toad is clinging tightly to the cactus holding his breath until he is sure that he is clear of any danger. This little Horned Toad may have taken the aforementioned proverb a little too literally but should be able to relax knowing there is one less snake in the world and that Mr. Paisano’s appetite has been satisfied.  


    “Picky Paisano” is a limited edition piece. The edition number is 50 and it is offered in a “hint of color” and “traditional patina”. 


      Limit of 50



      17"W x 24"H

      8" Diameter Base


      Due to the artistry & custom work there are no return or exchanges unless otherwise noted by David or Allen Hibler.

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