This Tee is one of Hibler Gear's top sellers. Being that we're located in Kingsville, Texas it's a given that we love GameGuard's South Texas camo print!!! We love this Performance Tee because it is so very versatile & comfortable. We can wear it as a go-to throw on tee or on a hunting trip. It is also special to use because each animal you see on this shirt is an edited silhouette of mounts we have done for our past customers. 


      "Our Performance Tees are made of fabric engineered to pull excess moisture away from the skin and feature vented side panels - constructed of perforated performance fabric - to help keep you cool and dry. The result is exceptional dryness and cool comfort, plus advanced UPF 30+ protection, reducing  exposure to harmful rays. We have now added a reflective mark on the back yoke."


      - Description is sourced from the official GameGuard Website.


      We proudly want you to know that ALL of the profits from Hibler Gear purchases will be donated to a Christian Charity! Also, Allen designs all of his shirts, hats, etc. personally, from simple sketches to ornate paintings. So you are always getting something very unique that you can't find anywhere else, and you are donating to a wonderful cause.


      Due to the artistry & custom work there are no return or exchanges unless otherwise noted by David or Allen Hibler.


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