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This piece was Allen’s first Reproduction fish mount.
A reproduction fish mount is a synthetic alternative to mounting the actual fish while keeping true dimensions & distinctive characteristics.
It promotes conservation by allowing the angler to inshrine the memory of his/her catch while releasing the real fish back into the water.
A reproduction fish mount will become a generational heirloom due to its long lasting nature vs. a traditional skin mount which has a limited lifespan.
A reproduction fish mount is made up of a “blank” (fiberglass casting of a fish) & a paint job on that blank.
The first step is to fix any seams or imperfections on the blank.
Next the taxidermist must come up with a paint schedule (a plan outlining the order upon which to layer the different colors of paint onto the blank).
After this the taxidermists must apply this paint schedule to the blank via an air brush.
Lastly the taxidermist will spray a finish onto the completed paint job.
For this piece Allen studied numerous pictures of sailfish both under water & out of the water.
He used his artistic license to harmonize a representation that exhibits the striking & beautiful colors that a sailfish possesses in its natural habitat under water while also reflecting the appearance that anglers are familiar with when the catch is heaved aboard.




    Due to the artistry & custom work there are no return or exchanges unless otherwise noted by David or Allen Hibler.

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